22 September 2010

Free Family Tree Digi-Papers

     Thanks to @Lineagekeeper for the tweet on some free digi-papers for genealogy scrapbooks.  These are five amazingly cute, free! family tree charts available from ObituariesHelp.org. (Although they are not large enough for a 12x12 page)

     While you're there, check out the rest of the website. There are a number of ideas and resources for scrapbookers and genealogy researchers.  While viewing the scrapbook pages, utilize the pulldown menu to see a large number of family tree charts. Bookmark this!


  1. I love heritage and very like your projects:)

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  3. Hi Valerie. Thanks a lot of for featuring our scarp book family trees. I had a question for you; is it fair to say that the standard format for scrap bookers is 12x12? We're making more of these and we wanted to make sure that they are in a usable format.