01 August 2009

Featured Page - What's In A Name?

This scrapbook layout is about my grandfather, Thomas S. Craft. When he was born, his name was registered as Herbert. He had no idea of this fact when he was young, but eventually had to file for an amended birth certificate. This layout is showcases those documents, which are very important in my genealogy research.

Because the documents are important, they are all fully removable from the page. To explain the document, I've also included the story in a hidden journaling block. It's on the beige paper behind the photo.


  1. Really like the way you did this especially the documents remaining removable.I'm always looking for ways to display documents that are attractive.Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm confused about removable elements. I use scrapbook pages that are inside document-protection sleeves (the ones which come with the pages). Do you put the page inside those, and then have to take the page out to remove the elements? This also confuses me about pages with elements that need to be opened or unfolded. I guess I don't get it.